Park First is a market leader in airport car parking at major UK international airports

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Park First is a market leader in airport car parking, managing over 15,000 off-airport car parking spaces at major UK international airports.

Park First is the name behind this unique commercial property investment, which has been designed both to comply with regulation and meet the needs of today’s astute investor.

Traditionally, only the super-rich had the opportunity to invest in airport car parks in prime locations, investing multi-millions and committing to the purchase of entire car parks.

The scale of popularity and the rise of interest in car park investments are exemplified by the global market size, estimated by business consulting firm Frost and Sullivan to be $100 billion.

Investors worldwide understand the need for airport car parking. It’s a simple and profitable concept. With many car parks operating at full capacity on a daily basis, this investment is proving as popular as it is lucrative.

We, however, are not qualified to give investment advice and all investors should take their own independent professional advice.

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