Record-breaking 46 million annual passengers at Gatwick

A record-smashing 46 million people travelled through London Gatwick Airport over the last year, for the first time ever.

Gatwick Airport announced it had broken its 12-month passenger number record after reaching the milestone this month.

What’s more, the airport has managed to reduce the number of people who live within its noise footprint.

The growth in passenger numbers has been spearheaded by the airport’s long-haul services, which have increased by 21.3% compared to the previous year.

In fact, customer satisfaction levels are at an all-time high as passenger numbers soar, according to a recent survey.

The reduction in noise impact is down to many of Gatwick’s newest routes operating new generation aircraft, such as the Airbus A320neo. The airport has been offering incentives to airlines who adopt noise-reducing aircraft, which is paying off if the latest results are any indication.

Gatwick Airport estimates that 30% of its aircraft will be new, quieter models by 2022 and 90% by 2032.

Over the last eight years, Gatwick has seen an increase of 41% in passenger numbers.

The airport believes its ever-growing list of long-haul connections is to thank for this growth.

Gatwick customers have been flying to its newest destinations, including Buenos Aires, Doha and Taipei, in their droves over the past 12 months.

London Gatwick, Chief Executive Officer, Stewart Wingate said: “We are delighted to have welcomed 46 million passengers to Gatwick in the last year which is testament to the hard work and innovation of all staff working at the airport.

“At Gatwick we work hard with our airlines to ensure that the higher passenger numbers using the airport, attracted by new and improved services, are balanced by noise improvements for our local neighbours. Our ambition to be the UK’s most sustainable airport has already seen us become the first carbon neutral London airport and also the first airport to achieve zero waste to landfill.

“In response to passenger demand for Gatwick’s global connectivity, we have published the airport’s draft master plan, setting out our vision for growth to the 2030s. We are now seeking feedback from the public, including our local neighbours and our airport partners on this draft master plan, as we seek to fulfil our role for the country, in the most sustainable way.”

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Record-breaking 46 million annual passengers at Gatwick