Important notice for investors

18 Apr 2019 –– Company

It has come to our attention that a minority of Park First investors are receiving unsolicited calls from third parties, stating that “Park First Limited is currently being purchased through an aggressive acquisition”. The email sent to investors then requests further information on the investment and “once this has been completed an advisor will be in touch with you to discuss the possibility of a sale”.

We confirm there is no substance to the information above and believe the companies making these calls to be a scam. Should you receive an unsolicited call of this nature we would urge you to treat it with extreme caution.

The individuals carrying out these calls are not affiliated to Park First in any way.

Sadly, this kind of fraudulent behaviour is not unique to the investment or commercial property sectors. In fact, it occurs in every profession and industry. Successful businesses and their customers become targets for criminals who wish to exploit people’s positive financial situations for their own illegal gain.

We always advise prudence when it comes to your personal details, as all financial organisations do, so please treat any unusual calls with caution and report anything of concern to Action Fraud (telephone 0300 123 2040).

We would suggest if you receive a phone call of this nature to simply put the phone down, and if you receive an email, then report it as spam. Importantly, please do not pay out monies to any third parties – if in doubt, speak to a member of the Group First team on +44 1282 526 000 or