Efficient aircraft to bring 85,000 new passengers a year to Gatwick

Gatwick is looking to the future by investing for the arrival of new larger, cleaner and 50% quieter aircraft which will decrease noise pollution and carbon emissions while increasing passenger numbers.

The first of the new A321neos aircraft was launched by easyJet at Gatwick last week, with a further five set to follow. They are more fuel efficient, saving 15% in fuel burn and carbon emissions compared to previous models. The A321neos is expected to feature prominently in easyJet’s Gatwick fleet – which currently stands at 65 aircraft – over the next five years.

Not only is the aircraft more efficient, it’s larger too – with an extra 50 seats to help build on passenger growth at Gatwick, without adding to the number of aircraft movements. It is predicted that this will introduce an extra 85,000 passengers a year to Gatwick

Gatwick has invested in new infrastructure, including the reconfiguration of its Pier 4 apron and stands, to accommodate the new A321neos. It is set to start work on extending its Pier 6 facility to add eight new aircraft stands with the new A321neos in mind. The total investment for the Pier 6 extension stands at £180 million.

Gatwick Airport’s Head of Airspace, Andy Sinclair, said: “We are fully committed to reducing noise for our local communities as much as possible and will continue to work closely with our airline partners and invest in infrastructure to increase the number of quieter aircraft that can operate from Gatwick.

“EasyJet is Gatwick’s biggest airline, accounting for 40 per cent of aircraft movements here, so this new fleet strategy is a positive step for those affected by noise around the airport.”

Sophie Dekkers, easyJet’s UK Country Director said: “We are delighted that our first A321neo aircraft is entering service at Gatwick airport to fly on routes including Alicante, Malaga, Faro, Palma, and Paphos amongst others.

“This larger aircraft will enable us to deliver our strategy of securing and growing our number one positions at Europe’s leading and slot-constrained airports. Crucially it will also bring significant environmental and operational benefits which means we will be able to offer more seats and low fares to even more people travelling from Gatwick on Europe’s most popular leisure and business routes, whilst both lowering emissions and noise to reduce our impact on the communities around the airports we serve.”

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Efficient aircraft to bring 85,000 new passengers a year to Gatwick