Park First Ltd has become aware that because of the success of its investment products, unscrupulous third parties masquerading as Park First agents are trying to mislead our investors.

Please be aware that only Park First Ltd accredited agents can promote our airport and car park buy-to-let opportunities.

If you receive a cold call to try and sell this product, hang up!! It is not us! We do not use cold calling or so-called “boiler room” techniques.


Anyone wanting to buy our products should pay only to Hetherington Partnership Solicitors, or a firm of solicitors of their own choice. Do not pay any money direct to anyone claiming to be an agent.

Please note

Park First Ltd does not give investment advice.

Our agents are only trained to tell you about the product, not whether the product is suitable for you.

Please check with your own independent financial advisor whether our products suit your individual investment needs.

For more information, or to confirm an agent is authorised by Park First Ltd, please contact Ruth Almond on 01282 330 330 or email ra@groupfirst.co.uk.



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